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The Value of your Filipina Wife going Back to the Philippines

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Even after marrying my Filipina wife and while going through the immigration process, I was aware that at some point, even though she hadn’t even departed the Philippines, at some time she was going to need to return there for a vacation. Today I will talk about how important that is. Subscribe to Love Beyond The Sea, and get notifications for videos focusing on relationships; the most important being a wife for a man.

I live about 9700 flight miles from her home in Davao City Philippines and was a bit overwhelmed at how long it took to get there. I greatly appreciated how far away she was from me, and we had just gotten married.

I was homesick when I moved just 400 miles away to go to a trade school, I can only imagine what moving from the Philippines would be like to her. While in the Philippines I observed just how important family is and the large impact the woman I was marrying had on her family.

Not once did my wife say anything to me about going back home some day or visiting there. In all likelihood she believed she was going to tough it out, and now that I think of it, she did tell me that she wanted to wait two or three years to go back because she wanted to get used to her new surroundings and going home too soon would short circuit that.

My wife understood there would be homesickness (see my video about that) and wanted to work on being the best wife she could be. She cried, naturally, at times. I had told her parents that I would not go back to the Philippines because of the long flights which had caused a lot of back pain (that time) and I was being honest.

However, I love my wife and putting two and two together, realized it would be good for her to go back home before years had passed. To that end, I told her she could visit the Philippines whenever she needed to. The trip is hard on her too and she does not want to frequently be doing that.

Watch the video for the positives I want to be enjoyed by my Love Beyond The Sea!

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