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The Zero Sum Game: Unnatural Selection and Filipina Wisdom - A MrE Video Commentary

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Before I go further, and give this commentary to the audience of Love Beyond the Sea, I do want to stress and be clear; this commentary is not hating on western women, but to show legitimate criticism, highlight the hypocrisy of these women and to illustrate the damage done by shows like Sex and the City and movies like Eat, Pray, Love on multiple generations of western women psyches.

Many men in the audience listening to this may harbor resentment towards them and feel that this is payback for feminism and the years of heartache and frustration we experience as we go through life. I agree wholeheartedly that many of these women treat men like garbage and now the chickens are coming home to roost for them. While I certainly understand where this sentiment and emotion comes from. I must remind men in the audience that these women are just as much victims of feminism as we are, as they were susceptible and believed the lie of 4th wave feminism.

Now to my commentary.

I recently came across a thread on a forum I frequent that I thought was very interesting regarding the current dating environment in the west and thought I would share my observations. This thread was a discussion regarding older western women in their 30-40’s and what they post in their dating profiles and how much they reek of desperation as they slowly but surely reach menopause and become infertile.

But before we get to these women and their plight, we must back-up a bit and understand where we came from and how we got to this point.

Ever since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution and our ability to solve problems for the masses at a low cost; the western world has all the material comfort and prosperity than that of 99.9 % of humanity has had all throughout history.

In today’s golden age the threats of predators, vicious weather, starvation, and sexual excess have been solved by innovations by great minds: Climate controlled housing, advanced technology and weaponry, mass produced food and medical innovations have led to a great age of immense prosperity and luxury. It is only with these prosperous luxuries that “progressive arguments” are made and taken seriously by society; where in times past such suggestions or mentions made by people would have gotten themselves laughed out of their village in shame.

Thanks to the innovations in reproductive medicine; these luxuries, for the first time in human history will shape the genome of future generations to come and is not coming from nature through selective pressures of old. In the days of old threats to reproductive fitness sought to cull those who were weak or ill. In the past; threats came from a lion running at you. But today; threats to your reproductive fitness come from a TV telling your daughter to never settle. This is “unnatural selection” at work in the modern world

What you’re seeing or starting to see today is the unfortunate story of women who spent the currency of her youth on degrees and contracepted sex with alpha males in exchange of passing on her genome. It is only when her IVF doesn't take at 35 she realizes the consequences of her earlier actions. From a traditional Darwinian view; what I see is a gazelle who got eaten by a lion because it couldn't run fast enough.

To the universe, the result is just the same. There are those who won't reproduce by their own carelessness or choice. It isn't to be fought. It is evolution in action. It isn't sad, it is a beautiful thing to witness. Charles Darwin was right all along!

Those who are most susceptible believe the slick liars when they preach from the church of equalism, egalitarianism and pathological altruism on their TV’s. For those who follow these false prophets will see their reproductive fitness decline. Teaching your daughter to be a strong independent feminist and you might as well dig your own grave, as there will be no grandchildren at the side of your bed. Refuse to extend a middle finger at the virtue signaling everyone-gets-a-trophy philosophy and your son ends up a wimp/loser. With evolution, there are winners as well as losers. Only some will resist these pressures.

For men who are sad and frustrated in their youth of not having a girlfriend or wife, I have this to say to you:

Father time is the great equalizer.

The women who rejected you in your youth to be with the bad boy or top football player in college only to be used by him; are or will be reproductive dead ends and they're unfortunately completely out of time. It is sense of poetic justice, the ultimate last laugh of the “beta male” as they panic in desperation as their biological clock counts down towards midnight.

I would be lying if I said I didn't feel a sense of justice for their fates.

It's not the fault of today's men. In 2019 going into 2020, we are taught on TV that with equalism everyone is responsible for their own choices. But how is “being equal” working out for women now?

But fear not, not all women are like that.

Just like there are many women in the world who act in such a bad manner, which unfortunately the west is saturated with and drew the short end of the stick. There are just as many women who aren’t. However to find these women, men must be willing to leave their comfort zone to find these women overseas.

Long ago; Bob made a video called “Men Take the Brown Pill, Find a Wife Overseas”, this is what men young and old must do today to ensure their reproductive fitness and their genetic survival.

Filipinas and Filipino society view family with utmost importance. Nothing comes between family. Many Filipina women in their 20’s; when they find a good man want to start a family with him. Isn’t such a novel desire such a stark contrast to our female peers in the west?

Through their wisdom the Filipina understands the importance of natural selection whether she realizes it or not. They do not hem and haw about marriage or family, they do not reject a good man "for reasons" like many are accustomed to in the west. When a Filipina knows she has hit the jackpot in the relationship category of life she will hold on to this man for dear life.

Men do not have to go down with the ship and live an existence of loneliness like the women from the west want. In fact your female peers would prefer this, as misery loves company.

So to the men that are of the same age group as these 30-40 women or who are younger you have a choice to make:

Leave your empty comfort bubble, take the brown pill and look elsewhere for something better.

Or stick around and accept the very probable consequences of ending up exactly as their female peers, alone and childless.

Remember, the choice is yours!

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