Long Distance Relationships

Too Many Filipina Choices To Marry

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1. I would think that if you have experience with US dating sites, you’d say that it is difficult to get responses to your messages. You may feel like the woman aren’t serious about marriage.

2. That’s not how it works on CF. The woman are marriage-minded and want someone who doesn’t play games, someone they can trust. They would like to think a foreign man is more faithful and if he is a little older, more mature.

3. Be honest about what may be holding you back from pursuing a Filipina. Must be dedicated.

4. The experience will be like drinking water through a fire hose.

5. Take good notes. There will be more options every day.

6. Know what you are looking for to make it easier.

7. Have the perspective that having a lot of choices is a good thing, and is meant to speed up your search for a wife

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