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Facebook Foreigner and Filipina Friend or Foe?

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It has been said that the Philippines is the Facebook capital of the world. This may be the most popular way to communicate with each other, although there is Skype, Viber and others, from what I gather, Facebook is used the most. Your Filipina very possibly will be someone who uses Facebook…a lot. I just want you to brace for that because it is possible you may be annoyed or even offended by that.

I can’t really recall any other cultural (if you can call it that) issue that has been even close to becoming a problem. Facebook can be your friend if you embrace it or it can be your foe if you don’t. I think it’s a good idea to ask her now and then what she’s looking at, not because you are suspicious, but because you are just interested. It is possible if you try to limit her Facebook use early on, that she will spend even more time on it. Funny videos, followed the Philippine election, recipes, household videos, singing videos. I must understand she is far from home and friends. She made a tremendous sacrifice for me.

I’d probably do the same if we retired in the Philippines. It would be a natural way for me to keep up with my favorite things in America to help smooth the transition to another country. This is just part of a VLDR (very long distance relationship). I remind myself and her of the great value she brings into my life. By using it she can tell me what’s happening at home and with friends, and the Philippines.

Younger or older it is probably the same. You want a lot of focus from your wife but have a long-range view because social media use like Facebook is simply a big part of her culture and it is big her in America. If you are a middle-aged man or above, social media might not be important to you, but your Filipina may have grown up with it. The other day my wife was curled up in bed under the comforter and said “I love doing this”.

She was referring to relaxing and looking at Facebook on her phone. She was in a room of 72 degrees instead of the heat of the Philippines and was basking in the social media experience. If she enjoys that, then I don’t want to deprive her or criticize her.

Expect Social Media to be important to your Love Beyond The Sea.

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