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Unbreakable Habits to Keep Your Marriage to a Filipina Together

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I want to train myself to treat my wife the same whether we are getting along fine or there is some kind of conflict. If I only “act nice” when things are good, then I feel uncomfortable if I waver. I want to be consistent.

1. Saying I love you each day before getting out of bed

2. Sneak back in bed for a few minutes to stroke her hair and cheeks and kiss her before going to work to show her I would prefer to be with her

3. Telling her that I miss her

4. Pet names

5. When we drive together I pray for her out loud for a certain distance

6. When we drove to work together we would kiss before getting out of the car

7. I need to do better at this one-greet her when she gets home

8. Cook rice when the rice cooker is empty!

9. Clean her phone and tablet screens at the end of the day

10. Wash and dry the clothes when she works weekends

11. Wash the dishes for her after she gets home from work and cooks

12. If my work shift starts before hers I call her from work at 5 am to make sure she doesn’t oversleep

13. Have certain prayer points (areas) where I automatically pray for her Another one I want to be more consistent in is praying with her before going to sleep.

The gist is to be consistent with how you treat your love beyond the sea.

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