The Gift That is My Filipina Wife

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We are approaching three years of marriage. I feel as good about my wife as when I married her. The Bible says that whoever finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor of the Lord. I wanted to experience that.

Here are ways my Filipina has been a gift to me:

1. A defined purpose (to protect and provide-materially, emotionally, spiritually, any way I can for her good). I prayed for and found safe and godly people for her to know.

2. I get to sacrifice for her by making her priorities higher than mine. It doesn’t mean I have no priorities, no goals, rather I make sure I am making her dreams come true and meeting her needs, as much as possible. Having purpose is a great thing, especially when she can show me her appreciation.

3. She rescued me from thirty years “in the wilderness” of singleness, when it seemed impossible to be able to marry. This time was so stressful. I didn’t see any reason to believe I would marry, only that I could potentially and that it was God’s will so I did not give up!

4. She is a companion, she is my best friend. Yes, even though we got married in less than eight weeks from so far away, different cultures and much different ages, she is a great companion. She is always in my thoughts and I pray for her regularly.

5. She is a great lover. I didn’t want to miss out on that very important aspect of life!

6. I get to learn to be unselfish, something essential to a happy marriage.

Being married matures me. Some people say to singles that they must not be ready to marry. I consider this to be insulting. Before I got married, I figured that the only way to become prepared for marriage was to…..get married! There is only so much you can learn without actually being married.

I am much more relaxed. Of course, you are trading a certain kind of trouble or stress for a different kind when you get married, but the needs that have been met make up for that. I want to add that the benefits of marriage are not to be taken for granted and each person needs to work hard to meet the needs of the other. When this doesn’t happen, then there is trouble.

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