What I Look Forward to Most in my Fil-Am Marriage 

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I’ve said many good things about how I feel about my Filipina wife and today I will reveal what I look forward to the most. Please subscribe to Love Beyond The Sea and bookmark for relationship help that isn’t exclusive to Filipinas. Podcasts will be added to the website. Young men should consider going where they’re wanted, exploring their options or they won’t be in a position to experience what I want to talk about today-what I look forward to most in my marriage to my wife, who is from the Philippines.

Any man who marries a Filipina from the Philippines is making a great effort to secure a commitment from her. I can hardly believe I jumped on four planes just to get to her home city to meet her for the first time and marry her while I was there. Some men have made multiple trips to the Philippines. There is a financial commitment, he has to be patient as the spousal visa can take six months if it goes by rocket fast, but can take a year. He looks forward to finally being with this woman every day and building a life together. He might not look forward to the narrow-minded opinions of some people, but he is even willing to subject himself to that.

I looked forward to finally having someone to live with each day and doing anything I could to make their life better. Having someone to go do things with was unattainable when I was single but now, we just need to talk it over and decide what we want to do. We’ve been to Paris, we’ve been to Tokyo, we’ve done some sight-seeing around here, and the Philippines several times together. Oh the memories. Watching a show together is fun. Having someone to start and end your day with is something to look forward to.

The physical side of a marriage is a tremendous blessing and often is the byproduct of treating each other well during the day. Simply having someone there for any reason at all that you love very much is a wonderful thing. I have a consulting link in where you can ask me anything you want about dating and marrying a Filipina.

Clearly a foreign man is looking forward to something with the Filipina he outhustled and out recruited other men for. He may be taking a big risk, but he does it nonetheless. He looks forward to his future-their future, together. This is both short term and especially long term.

Naturally when we started our life together my focus was on the present day. Helping her to integrate into American society, learn to drive, help find employment, and decide where to live. Since we have been married since May of 2015, we are past this adjustment phase. There is an intermediate time we find ourselves in today where we have settled in, she is making new friends, we have a church to attend, and she has worked for about four years.

In this stage we have figured out a way to handle the money we have and are now in a routine with both of us working. Each stage had many things to look forward to; new experiences for both of us, including some travel and learning more about each other. Our lives have not become stale however and I think the best is yet to come.

What I look forward to the most is growing old with my Amazing Aiza! She has given me the prime of her life and left everyone behind, not knowing when or how often she will see her family in the future. I believe God will bless her for that. We may even retire in the Philippines and although that is a bit scary, I will be with her and she can look forward to helping me integrate into Philippines society. I don’t know what lies ahead for us but if the past is any indication, it will be filled with surprises and doing new things.

While growing old with my precious wife, I look forward to more photos of her, of us, more videos of her, making more memories and looking back together of all the events that occurred in our marriage. I want the last chapter of my life to be the best yet, looking back on the years we’ve had and growing older with my love beyond the sea.

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