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What is a Simple Woman in the Philippines?

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When I was browsing through profiles of Filipinas looking for a wife in 2015, a self-description appeared a lot, and that was that they were a “simple woman”. Is this just a way to avoid describing herself? I had my own idea of what that meant but there was actually more to it than that. That’s what I want to look at today.

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After browsing some people’s answers in Yahoo Answers, here is the general idea. By the way, the term “simple woman” was appealing to me. It may express the idea that this Filipina is a regular person from an average family, as someone wrote. Frankly, that’s how I would describe myself too. They go on to say a simple person leads a normal lifestyle of going to work, coming home and relaxing. They don’t eat out a lot at fancy restaurants. They don’t throw a fit if they don’t go out all the time.

Perhaps an equivalent expression here in the US would be she is just the “girl next door”. Not glamourous, not rich, a simple, regular woman. This does not mean that she is not pretty and it doesn’t mean she isn’t smart. She likely considers herself to be nothing special, just a woman leading a normal lifestyle as opposed to the rich and famous. She doesn’t consider herself especially pretty, even if she is. She’s just simple. With such an abundance of beautiful Filipinas I can see where she would think she was only average looking.

There is another way to show what a simple woman is and that is by the clothes they wear, what they do to their hair, how far they go to attract attention to themselves. This is the type of woman that would present a photo of herself on a dating site that would show herself in a typical day to day environment, wearing basic, simple, attire that does not direct attention to a part of her body considered a turn on to men.

She would be wearing something considered nice, decent and modest. She would look low maintenance. Her clothes would be attractive, but not ostentatious. She may not have any makeup on in her photo for you to see. She doesn’t look slutty and lets her natural beauty show through. She would rather you like her for her character than fool you with the way she looks. She doesn’t go around looking like she is shouting to the world “look at me, look at me!”

When she goes shopping for clothes, she looks for sales and something that looks nice. She wants to get the most for her money.

Another person described the term simple woman as a homebody, someone who is content staying at home rather than hitting the bars. They don’t need a bunch of stuff in their life, they have learned to be content with little.

Her lifestyle is simple and uncomplicated. They are not looking for a man to give them a glamorous life. They want a man to love them and be faithful. They don’t need a man to be “the most interesting man in the world.”

The last thing I want is a high-maintenance woman who must have the latest trends in clothes and has to look like a move star. The so-called simple woman is very appealing to me. Someone who doesn’t hide behind cosmetics or clothes to seem beautiful. I mean, when would that stop?

I’m glad I married a simple woman, my love beyond the sea.

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