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I'm Too Sexy For This Video - What Women Find Sexy

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I’m too sexy for this video…in case you aren’t old enough to remember my inspiration for this topic, it’s a classic from 1991 by Right Said Fred that reached number one in five countries including the United States. I will put it at the top of the description box. Subscribe to Love Beyond The Sea for help with being married to a Filipina and today, unless you object, we will look at what women say about being sexy in a man.
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8 things that make a man sexy-I will link this article for you in the description box. I also think the three videos I have about earning a Filipina’s respect will give you much appeal to her.
A sexy man is an instant turn on for any woman. Surprisingly only good looks is not something that makes a man sexy. In fact, good looks, hardly count that much. When it comes to men, you can’t deny that it is something more than looks that women dig for. Men don’t really have to work their ribs out and sacrifice all their favorite food to appear appealing to us. Most of the things that make a man appear sexy are simple. They are given below. Check to see if you agree.

  1. Sense of humor
    This is the first and foremost thing that a woman finds attractive in a man. We women love men who can make us laugh. And this is not the ‘make-fun-of- myself’ type of goofy humor. It is the witty flirty humor that makes us giggle all the time. A man who playfully teases you sometimes and is also open to take jokes on himself is real fun. Nothing is sexier than a man who is confident enough to laugh at himself. It makes a woman feel good about herself to be an arm candy for a witty humorous man.
  2. Intellect
    Nope, we women don’t really dig in for nerds. But an intelligent man doesn’t need to be a nerd. An intelligent man is someone who is aware about things around him and is also able to understand things and people. He knows what to say at the right moment to the right people, without making a fool of himself. An intelligent man will be able to give you the correct advice for almost any situation. He will also know how to take charge of a situation.
  3. Maturity
    Now we’re not talking about a man who goes about behaving like your Daddy in an attempt to act mature. Maturity doesn’t mean that a man can’t act himself at all. It just means that he should know when to get serious and when he can lose it completely. Maturity is not acquired with age, but with experience. For most women, an immature man is not a man at all. Any man gets big minus points from the fairer sex on grounds of immaturity.
  4. Smile
    Many men are under the impression that not smiling makes them look hot. That’s where they go terribly wrong. Doing that only makes them come across as a snob. A smiling face is so much better than a frowning face. It also makes a man appear more confident. No, he doesn’t need to go about grinning like an idiot all the time. But a man having a warm, sexy smile is such an instant turn on. We women tend to find such men more approachable.
  5. Mystery
    A man should be a little secretive about himself. If he is like this open book, we’ll simply end up getting bored with him. A man doesn’t have to reveal everything about himself. But he should definitely be prepared to surprise us often with the things he does. This keeps us always hooked on to men, and wanting to get to know more about them.
  6. Talks less, listens more
    We women just love to talk. So naturally a man who can listen to us attracts us more. Instead, non-stop blabbering bores us. This doesn’t mean that in our world, men are not allowed to talk. If they are interesting, they can talk. But it is just that they should listen to us more than they talk.
  7. Offers to pay
    This doesn’t mean that every man has to throw his money at us whenever we go out with them. But when out on a date, they just cannot expect us to pay. Big turn off! A gentleman never does that. Who would want to date such a cheapskate? They don’t need to pay all the time, but they can at least offer to pitch in. Their kindness will be appreciated.
  8. A good person
    We women may find bad boys hot, but in the long run, nothing can compete (with) a kind and clean hearted man. In fact, we women tend to hate men who are mean. A nice man is a man who is a good human being, inside out. Nothing can be sexier than that. Such men are hard to find.

These are 8 simple and extremely easy-to-implement things that make a man sexy. You can’t deny that, can you? (end of article)
Which of these do you have going for you? All 8? Well, probably not all of them, but I think it’s worth noting that it takes a lot more than being ripped to appeal to a woman, if they say so. Let me know what you think about these eight sexually appealing qualities to women. If you are a woman, please let me know if you agree. If you are a man, tell me if you agree or if any of these are unreasonable or you don’t think they should matter.

When I was single, I frequently came across women on dating sites talking about how important it was to have a sense of humor. While that is important, there is this thing about getting bills paid that matters too. I suppose what is humorous to one woman might not be to another one so you’ll just have to see how it goes. I certainly didn’t intend to crack jokes with a date as I tend to be a serious guy but I agree that being able to show a sense of humor helps. There were times when so many women said a sense of humor was important to them that it make me irritated. While I think it’s nice, it seems to me to not be such an important thing.

Another one on the list that I don’t really understand is number 5-mystery. “If he is like this open book, we’ll simply end up getting bored with him. A man doesn’t have to reveal everything about himself. But he should definitely be prepared to surprise us often with the things he does.” I am fortunate I married who I did because I don’t think being mysterious is important to her.

A third aspect was a good person and the comment that “we women may find bad boys hot, but in the long run, nothing can compete with a kind and clean hearted man.” Why wait until the long run? Why not go for Mr. Clean Hearted Man right away?

I don’t think the author is saying that letting yourself go isn’t important, that physical appearance doesn’t matter because it does. It seemed to me that when a woman is younger these characteristics could get overlooked, but I am just showing you what the article said-Sense of humor, intellect, maturity, smile, mystery, talks less-listens more, being a good person contribute to making a man sexy in the eyes of a woman.
I hope this gives you some confidence if you are considering a relationship with a Filipina or a woman from anywhere else. Are you too sexy to be single? Then subscribe to this channel and put your charms to good use and maybe find Love Beyond The Sea.

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