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LIVE 10/16/19 -What Do You Say To Age Gap Protesters?

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How to respond to some common objections against an age gap marriage. Some of the complaints you may be exposed to are:

The love isn't real

She won't like being intimate with you

She's only with you because she's poor

You should feel gross!

You are exploiting her

Almost none of these relationships are romantic

Why can't you see what's going on?

Your marriage is just a transaction

She must feel like her grandfather is touching her!

I must think attraction isn't important to the Filipina

Why don't you see rich Filipinas marrying older men?

She is forcing herself to sleep with you

It's prostitution

Why doesn't a big age gap bother us (western men)?

How can we look ourselves in the mirror?

She is highly unattracted to you

Watch the video and see how I responded to someone who had an axe to grind about an age gap relationship.

This is an unfortunate but not unexpected part of the experience of finding Love Beyond The Sea!

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