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What Motivates Me to Love my Filipina Wife?

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You’ve heard me say many times that I love my wife, but sometimes that’s in passing and I don’t explain why. We got married very quickly, why do I love this little woman when we married so fast? Subscribe to Love Beyond The Sea for videos related to the whole process of not giving up on love to finding a wife in the Philippines. Get notifications for upcoming videos by tapping the bell (maybe it leads to wedding bells?) and most definitely leave your comments. I hope this video makes you aware of why you love your Filipina wife or at least, what a good woman can offer.

I’m going to approach this topic from the standpoint of my motivation to love her, rather than the reasons I love her, and there is a difference. She has many excellent qualities that have been affirmed or surfaced after marriage such as her faith, her selflessness, her strength of character, her beauty, brains, and talents. There’s also the fact she has come from across the world to live with me here in America, leaving so much behind.

As attractive as those qualities are, they don’t guarantee I would ever ask her to marry her, so why did I? I think the motivation can be distilled into three aspects-

I needed somebody to love-My road to success with a Filipina is documented throughout these videos and especially one I will link for you called ‘Hip Hip Pinay How I found my Wife on Christian Filipina!” I wasn’t content to live out the rest of my days at 53 years of age by giving up on trying to find a wife, I just hadn’t considered trying in another country. This wasn’t something I wanted; it was something I needed. I really wanted someone to love, but I also knew that attitude hadn’t resulted in success to that point. We got married quickly in less than eight weeks, but this time, there was someone out there in this big world who would marry me. It wasn’t because I was didn’t have anything to offer, this little woman in the Philippines decided she wanted what I could offer, I thought she had character, so I proposed and we got married.

In May of 2015 we got married and I have been doing my best to love her ever since. I am motivated because I now have someone to love and since giving results in even more receiving, I am always motivated to love my wife, and it makes me happy to be good to her.

I needed somebody’s love-A second motivation for me to love her. I also needed a wife and since I do have a loving, caring wife, looking for a wife overseas paid off.

God loved me-I am motivated to love my wife even though I knew there would be the usual clashes in relationships that we have to learn from. All I need to do is remind myself of the type of ridiculous patience God shows me and the umpteen chances I get at redemption, and I can love my Filipina wife. If God can love me, I must love Aiza, it’s that simple.

Both of us can be very unlovable at times but are learning how to be patient with each other, which is just one of the joys of having found love beyond the sea!

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