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Why can't I Love someone who Loves me?-Dr. PHILippines

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Why can’t I love a person who loves me? Do you have an opinion on this? If so let me know in the comments section. Please subscribe to Love Beyond The Sea for relationship talk and I practice what I preach so you will learn much more by watching my videos and how I regard my wife of almost five years.

I can think of five reasons why someone might have a difficult time loving someone who loves them, let me know if you can think of others. Here are my 5, I will go into more detail in the video.

-Never been in a relationship
-Might have grown up in a loveless home
-Have been hurt by being mistreated in a past relationship
-Have guilt from mistreating someone in the past
-Might not know how to love; not know what it is

Have you been scammed before? This can lead to a lack of trust
I had been alone for a very long time, did that make me unable to love someone?

Life is short. If there is someone who loves you, I is imperative that you be able to deal with past hurts caused by others or the ones you are responsible for.

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