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5 Ways I Savour The Thrill of Being Married To A Filipina

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True, you’re building a future together, but even that is coming to an end sometime. It’s a sobering reality and that’s why I talk now and then about the need to redeem the time, to take advantage of opportunities that may not be available in the future. I don’t even want to contemplate what I would be like had I not ventured out in faith to pursue my Aiza from across the world, even though we got married in less than two months.

How do I savor our relationship?

Music-I remember the music I was listening to at the time I found her online. Do you also mark periods in your life by the music that was popular at the time or the music you liked? When I hear a song, it sends me back in time. It could be a year, a period of years, or a specific moment. I have my “us” songs, “our” songs, that I listen to, often when I am preparing for a video such as this. It just brings me back to another place and time. Not only that, but since marrying my wife, I know what songs she likes and that also helps me to savor our relationship, our love story. As time goes by, other songs will affix themselves to a certain moment in our relationship, creating a memory.

Photos-We have many photos in google photos, we have screenshots, and wedding photos in our house, upstairs and down. In my opinion, we can never have enough of them. When I take my eyes off the screen at my computer desk at home, they go straight to photos my wife has taken of us on certain trips. Before I married her, I didn’t even take photos. I didn’t even know how. Things change with a wife in your life. I have them in my locker room at work too. Making memories-Although much of our life is spent at work since I work six days a week if the overtime is available and my wife works up to 60 hours a week, there will still be time to make more memories, Lord willing. Going to Paris was a memory maker for sure, wow. If I have anything on my bucket list it is to go back to Paris with her one day. My wife is on my mind seemingly all the time so I have a lot of memories of her. We’ve made several trips to the Philippines and have a month-long trip coming up at the end of this year. We have been to some other places too. Even something as simple as going to a movie together makes memories.

Youtube/Facebook/Twitter-While the number one reason I give for having these social media outlets is to educate on a foreigner-Filipina relationship, another important one is they allow me to look back and savor all the moments. While it is important to not “live in the past”, I think it is also important to celebrate the big and small moments in your marriage. Later in life, I can look at these videos and savor the moments that have been preserved on camera. As important as these photos and videos are to me today, it is sobering to realize how long I lived without photos from my life. While other people at work had pictures on their desks, I didn’t.

Investing in it-The fifth way I will mention about how to savor our relationship is to simply give it my all, to invest in my wife, her family, in us. The more I invest in it, the more memories I will have to savor throughout the rest of my life. The more I invest in my wife by way of time, effort and any way to meet her needs, the more satisfying my life is, and the more good memories are formed.

Have you started yet? Some of you already have a Filipina wife or girlfriend, maybe even a fiancé. I envy you if you are in the earlier stages because man, those were the days, special days of risk taking, adventure, thoughts of the future, and forming a relationship with someone to spend the rest of my life with.

Nothing was ever meant to stay the same forever, so I better keep on enjoying my Love Beyond the Sea!

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