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Africa: The New Frontier For The Marriage Minded Man

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Africa New Frontier: Marriage Minded Men
Is your Love Beyond The Sea here?

There is a common misconception by many westerners that Africa as a whole is some violent war-torn place that is mired by poverty or on the other is an adventure seekers paradise where you are on a guided a luxury safari touring the wild African Savannah seeing lions, gazelles, giraffes and other magnificent creatures while being pampered and waded on your every move. We have all seen the various NGO commercials asking to to donate money. While all of these stereotypes do have some baring in reality; Africa is a big place and isn’t a giant country, it is a continent. Each country has it’s own distinctive and unique culture from Berbers in North Africa, to the Maasai in North Central, to the San people of Southern Africa; each country has it’s own distinct characteristics. Most westerners are shocked, surprised to see and hear that Africa has large metropolitan cities that in some cases look first world.

Africa New Frontier: Marriage Minded Men
This is Africa

What does this have to do with marriage and the women of Africa? A lot! Africa has been one of those places that often gets overlooked when considering a place for wife. Many travellers and GWYW types often buy into the stereotypes that it’s dangerous and the women there are scammers. These types of stereotypes are grossly exaggerated; in fact the truth is African women can make fantastic wives and are probably the worlds best kept secret. As places like the Thailand, Colombia, Eastern Europe get “played out” all of the “smart money” has moved onto greener pastures and has for the past 5 years or so has been enjoying what this continent has to offer. It is my hope with this post to inspire those looking for wives or Christian men to travel to the dark continent to find there love of there life. This continent has many beautiful women who would make good wives and are only looking for Mr. Right, not Mr. Right-Now.

I do try and find some common themes and characteristics African women share, but demeanour and temperaments and values vary by culture. It is very hard to generalize a continent, but this is meant as a high level overview and to inspire men to search for wives in places that are overlooked.

Africa New Frontier: Marriage Minded Men

The Case For Africa

While it is difficult to generalize as each country is different the majority of African countries and peoples come with a very conservative outlook in terms of family and the gender roles are very clear. Women in Africa need a strong man and have the expectation of being feminine; sure they’re may be outliers, but family is often held in a high regard in African countries.

For those that care, Africa has one of the fastest growing populations on the planet. But what isn’t widely known is Africa has one of the fastest growing Christian populations in the world. In 2010 there were estimated 390 million people who followed the Christian faith and by 2025 it is estimated to double to around 600 million people. With such a large population growth means many eligible and available women looking to get married. In other words many marriage minded men have a large pool of women they can select from to find the partner that is right for them.

Africa New Frontier: Marriage Minded Men
Many share the same faith as you

This is in contrast to places in Western countries where seemingly odds are stacked against men and the available dating pool of eligible women shrinks every year due to women from these countries pricing themselves out of the market or making bad decisions which result in baggage. This is not to say African women don’t have these problems, but in Africa single motherhood is often frowned upon contrary to popular to belief as social safety nets in African countries are non-existent. Does it happen, of course, but it isn’t something most African women take pride in.

Africa New Frontier: Marriage Minded Men

Serengeti Charms

At this point your probably wondering what the personality is like of these women. As you would expect many African women are very conservative, god-fearing and very loyal to a husband who has earned her respect. African women are often very playful, easy-going extroverted (this can vary), very respectful, polite and genuine appreciating life for what it is, but at the same time requires a dominant man. A man who knows what he wants and can take the lead will get the best out of African women.

Africa New Frontier: Marriage Minded Men

That said in most African countries relationships are approached from the concept of the man being a provider and comes across very transactional to the western mind. In Africa; courtship is very simple, boiled down the basics and the concept of elaborate courtship like most westerners are accustomed too doesn’t really exist or is completely different than what we are accustomed too. Like life in Africa the courtship process is very raw. What works is just being honest, genuine and just treating them with respect. That said overdoing it will get you nowhere.

Africa New Frontier: Marriage Minded Men

From Afar to Dakar

Most newbie travellers to Africa should stay away from most of the West African countries and stick mainly to the touristy countries before venturing to the more off the beaten path countries. AS a general rule; an English speaker should focus on countries that share English as the lingua-franca language and stay away from places that speak another lingua-franca like French or Portugese. Communication is important and for a marriage minded man it’s important to communicate your desires.

While I’m not saying it isn’t possible for things to work out great by not following this methodology; it is important to keep in mind as while Africa is relatively safe there are places you definitely shouldn’t go unless you are an experienced African traveller and have learned the ropes in order to keep yourself safe.

Africa New Frontier: Marriage Minded Men

Africa is one of those places that often gets overlooked in trying to find your Love Beyond The Sea; but it really shouldn’t be as there is a lot it offers marriage minded; a sizeable female population, women of good temperament and a sense of adventure of going into the unknown where most people neglect to go.

Stay connected as this won't be the last time we talk about this hidden gem and ways you can find your Love Beyond The Sea no matter wherever she may reside. 

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