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Go Where You’re Wanted (GWYW) to Find a Wife

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Go where you’re wanted to find a wife. How do you feel when you are somewhere you are not wanted? What does it make you feel like when you’re supposed to be welcomed there, only to feel like an outcast? Subscribe to Love Beyond The Sea, stop by and look around the new website with the message forum. There is something new that you might have noticed already in this video, did you notice what that was?

It’s in the first nine seconds. It’s in the intro. No, Aiza and I are still there, we are still together. A new name change? It isn’t that, I like Love Beyond The Sea too much. I want to tell you what this is about and what it means for this channel.

Instead of showing Foreigner and Filipina Relationships like usual, now you will see “Go Where You’re Wanted”. Huh? Go Where You’re Wanted (GWYW) means that I will not be limiting men all over the world by exclusively emphasizing women from the Philippines. I think what I am trying to accomplish goes beyond helping a man finding a Filipina, like I did five years ago, which I still want to do, but I want men to “Go Where You’re Wanted” and that could be anywhere in the world.

“Wanted” might be another town, city, state or even country. It may be some other kind of distinction but the important thing is to keep looking and if something isn’t working, try something else. “Go” indicates action, effort. Go to the place that has the kind of woman you are looking to marry. Oh yes, lvbts is still about marriage. I can’t think of anything better; I just don’t want to get pigeonholed or classified in a part of the world that won’t be of interest to all single men.

Viewers who have been watching carefully can tell that the things I describe and try to do myself in my marriage are not restricted to a Filipina and can and should be successful with a woman from anywhere in the world. I have my growing experience with a woman from the Philippines and if someone wants to learn about that then this is the place, but I want the channel to be about helping men find and experience marital love and going where you’re wanted might help give some direction.

In the future I hope there will be some information on women in other countries, and you’ll notice in the website there is a tab for podcasts which is under development. I will still make videos regarding Fil-Am life with a Filipina, but you will notice less emphasis on the Philippines, by design, to have a little more global appeal. I’m in this for the long run.

YouTube can be a bit limiting in who can watch your content, which is why MrE has helped tremendously with artfully crafting where you can not only see the videos but they are in article form, the Community Corner message forums are there, with links to lvbts Facebook, Twitter and my wife’s channel. MrE’s commentaries are there too, if you haven’t please go to

I found love beyond the sea, and that’s one method to try. Keep your options open and go where you’re wanted.

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