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Hidden Talents Of My Filipina Wife

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Before we got married, I didn’t ask my wife what she did well, what her talents or skills were. Since I had never wanted to buy a house, I always thought that if I had to, it would be best to have a wife who is handy around the house.

Thankfully that’s what she can do.

Electronics-computer set up, laptop, tablets (she bought one for my aunt and I think my mom too), echo dot, even the garage door opener. Cable TV set up and getting it back up to work. She has helped me with some computer issues.

Fixed the handle in the shower. She put together a stand for the bathroom to help with space. She put together our lawnmower and lawn edger.

She is a great organizer. (I despise clutter!)

She is a good house designer.

She is good at travel as far as the airport stuff is concerned, even though she hadn’t left the Philippines before.

She drives well!

Very proud of her. I have benefited from the talents of my Love Beyond The Sea!

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