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Honesty Is Mostly What Your Filipina Needs From You

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Is honesty hardly ever heard? Billy Joel thinks so. What do you think? Subscribe To Love Beyond The Sea for honest intentions to help men have a good relationship with a Filipina. I want to help. Sharing these videos will help others find love beyond the sea. Get notifications by tapping the bell, and leave comments in the new Community Corner lounges.

“How to communicate with your Filipina wife” is a live stream I will link for you and this topic is a viewer request.

When I remember my youth, I remember Billy Joel songs. What a fantastic song writer. They don’t seem to make them like they used to. One of the all-time greats. I was fortunate enough to see him in concert in the early 80s, and he is still touring. At that concert, some guy behind me kept shouting “Honesty, sing Honesty!” Billy Joel didn’t have that in his playlist that night, maybe because the song is a bit of a bummer, but it is true nonetheless.

“But if you look for truthfulness you might just as well be blind. It always seems to be so hard to give. Honesty is such a lonely word, everyone is so untrue. Honesty is hardly ever heard, and mostly what I need from you…I don’t want some pretty face to tell me pretty lies, all I want is someone to believe…When I’m deep inside of me, don’t’ be too concerned, I won’t ask for nothin’ while I’m gone. But when I want sincerity, tell me where else can I turn, ‘cause you’re the one I depend on.” Bravo Billy, bravo.

Avoid being dishonest-It goes without saying but I will say it here since this video is about ways NOT to communicate with your Filipina wife, that being dishonest, whether it be with a so-called white lie or downright lying, is detrimental to a relationship. Either way it causes a lack of trust or at least some suspicion. If a man can’t be honest with his wife then there may be a trust issue, where he is afraid that if he is honest, it won’t end well. If a man can feel safe enough to be honest with his wife, then he trusts her to not take it the wrong way. Even if she does, he can calmly assure her that he is on her side.

For instance, if you are teaching your wife how to drive, and you might have to one day if you marry a Filipina, there will be times you need to tell her that she did something wrong or unsafe. It can be frustrating not wanting to hurt her feelings but at the same time, wanting her to realize how dangerous it can be when driving.

Over time in the marriage, more trust should develop naturally. I want my Filipina wife to believe that when I say something, I do not have ulterior motives. She might not always understand right away or even like what I say, but I want her to know that I am not trying to deceive her. I could be honest with her nine times, then the tenth time am not honest. Which do you think she will dwell on? I would say the dishonest part. She might wonder if I have been hiding some things in the past. I want my wife to trust me.

As a husband I need my wife to be honest with me. Sometimes she tells me things I don’t necessarily like, but I know she’s right. My Aiza is not a big talker. You might think that’s a glorious thing, but it can also make you wonder if your wife is being honest with you. “Is she really happy with me”? “Are we doing okay” It could be that silence is evidence that she is being sincere that she is happy, she just doesn’t feel the need to keep saying it over and over.

My wife was honest with me when we got married that she didn’t like my hairstyle, it was longer then. She is used to shorter, clean cut hairstyles. That’s what she wants. Okay, that’s what I gave her. She was honest with me when she said she wanted to buy me different clothes. I thought “What’s wrong with my clothes?”. She preferred a different look. Okay, that’s what I gave her.
I was honest with her about her hair too, that I preferred it to be long and beautiful, a Filipina trademark, and that I liked her small feminine figure. 4’11, 94 lbs? Are you kidding me? Honesty is essential in a marriage. If she asks me how I’m feeling, I tell her, but I have never struggled to express myself, my problem is I need to tone it down and be wary of who hears it. My wife is more private and I have to ask her to say more than “Fine”, or “good”. I need clarification, more details. I know there’s always more to it than that.

When I tell my Filipina wife I love her, I need to back it up with action. She needs to know I am not just saying that because that’s what a husband is supposed to say. The only way I can possibly show her I love her is by what I do and how I do it. I have heard people say, “women aren’t capable of love”. What a ridiculous thing to say. Women are capable of great love! They are designed by God to be the helper of their husbands, and I know I need help, and my Aiza provides that, because God gave her to me to help me.

Your Filipina wife will get her fill of backstabbing comments at work or elsewhere. The one place she needs to find sincerity is in your home.
If you have a wife that is honest with you, what a blessing that is. She will tell you what you need to know. Listen to her.

What an absolute pleasure to snuggle up to her at night, and talk about life, open up, be honest.
It is important to me that my wife believes that when I say something to her, I mean it, however, that doesn’t mean I communicate honesty in a rude or hurtful way. We are not to use truth like a hammer over the head, but rather to seek the best for the other person. Honesty must be delivered properly and in a way that does not leave the other person feeling like they just got punched in the gut.

Flattery is dishonest when used to gain or control. It is effective, because everyone has insecurities and loves to be told great things about themselves. Flattery is particularly common during dating and in new relationships, but usually wears off as relationships settle into commitment and reality. Established couples are kind and supportive, but have usually dropped the fawning.

Flattery can be like an artificial sweetener that seems great at first, but leaves an unpleasant aftertaste. Someone starving for affection may eat up flattery, but it isn’t as nourishing as the sweetness that comes from honest compliments. Be cautious in relationships where the truth seems elusive, and a partner is coming on strong with a rush of compliments and promises. Flattery is exciting, but it can lead to dangerous places in relationships.

This is significant because when a man is beginning an online relationship with a Filipina, it is very easy to say things that she can’t verify, she can only believe him or not. It would be easy to be dishonest about his accomplishments or personality. It may be easy for him to tell her that he loves her, but it always comes down to evidence, to doing, not saying. If he says he loves her, he needs to prove it by getting a passport and plane tickets and going to the Philippines to meet her and her family.

Honesty provides a safe place for you and your Love Beyond the Sea.

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