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How to Earn Your Filipina Wife's Respect: Part 1

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Tell her “thank you” often (housekeeping, cooking, for being your wife, for washing clothes, for intimacy, for things she buys for the both of you- car covers, clothes, household things, for a clean house etc…whatever you are thankful for.

1. Help her find a job.

2. Help her deal with homesickness and be patient. Spend quality time with her.

3. Don’t force her to “be American”. Don’t refer to the Philippines as a third world country.

4. Find Asian restaurants and places to buy Asian food. The closest one to us might be 200 miles away but we’d like to go to it one day.

5. Help her to find friends, at least encourage it (I started when I returned from our marriage).

6. Allow plenty of space to communicate with her family.

7. Ask about her family and remember things.

8. If possible, communicate a little with her family.

9. Have her picture in visible places-screenshot on computer, phone, encourage photos. This shows she’s on your mind and you are happy to have her as your wife.

10. Encourage giving money to her family and help if you can as this shows you love her family.

11. Let her know she can visit the Philippines, try to go back together.

12. Let her try different things to see if she has a knack for things she might not have had the opportunity to find out. My wife has mechanical inclination.

13. Teach her to drive. Need to here, more so than in the Philippines.

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