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It’s Not Always About Looks - What Appeals Sexually To A Woman

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Today’s inspiration is from an article I will include called-

9 Non-sexual things that make a man sexy and irresistible to a woman

April 17, 2018 Posted in Adult Dating Guide by Katy Benett 

The first one listed topped the recent upload I did and that is sense of humor. Here is Katy’s list.

If you want to be irresistible to women then you need to know how to be sexy in more than just a physical sense because attractive women look for non-sexual traits in men. You need to learn what these are so you can make them a part of your life and become more successful with dating attractive women.

1) A sense of humor

Women love a man who has a sense of humor and can make them laugh because it shows them you’re a fun guy who knows how to relax. You need to have a playful sense of humor and not a cruel one because meanness is a turn off. The things you should be joking about or laughing at are harmless things like something funny you saw or when you do something silly like knock something over or trip over the curb. By laughing off the small things you’re showing her that you’re not easily angered and that you have a good balance of emotions. This will make it easier for her to relate to you and she’ll fantasize about all the fun the two of you can have.

2) A good fashion sense

Attractive women want to date attractive men so it’s important that you have a good fashion sense because they’ll notice when you take pride in your appearance. They want a man who knows how to buy flattering clothes so go for outfits that fit you and are in colors that suit you because these are what you should be wearing for date nights instead of comfortable but scruffy outfits like baggy jeans and t-shirts. You want to come across as a competent and confident adult who knows how to look after himself instead of a guy who’s stumbling his way through life. You can give the impression that you’re suave and she’ll think about all the good conversations and dates she can have with you.

3) A hobby that you’re passionate about

Women don’t want to date guys who do nothing but watch TV or play video games because it’s boring but having hobbies shows them that you have other interests and that you care about something. Your passion gets them excited and they’ll want to see some of that excitement in the bedroom. This will also let her know what interests you and she can see your hobby as a way of you expressing yourself and as something the two of you can talk about or do together.

4) Paying attention during a conversation

It’s important to pay attention during a conversation and hold up your end of it because that shows her you’re interested in what she has to say and conversations are one way of building a stronger connection with each other. You need to make eye contact, respond with appropriate answers and act like you enjoy talking to her because you want to make her feel loved. You should try not to dominate the conversation and don’t get too personal until you’ve spent some time with her and know what she’s comfortable with discussing. It’s also good to be knowledgeable about a few different subjects so she knows you’re an intellectual who cares about a variety of things because women find these type of men attractive.

5) Being good with children and animals

Being good with children and animals is a quality that women find sexy in a man because it shows your soft side and a vulnerability. It makes them think about what a gentle person you are and they want to be with a man like that. This doesn’t always mean that they want to get married and have children, it could just be the fact that they want to date a man who is willing to show kindness to those who are younger or more vulnerable than he is. You can show your soft side by taking good care of your pets and talking fondly about your nieces, nephews or godchildren.

6) Kindness and respect

You should be treating people with kindness and respect because that’s the right way to behave and it makes a good impression because it shows people you have morals. There are lots of way to show kindness and respect including holding open doors, not interrupting when they talk, taking an interest in them, not badmouthing people and helping people when they need it. These are the personality traits that women desire in a man and she’s going to love dating a guy like this because she knows how lucky she is to be with him. People notice these things and you’ll have no problem (drawing) attractive women to you.

7) Being considerate of her needs

A good boyfriend is considerate of his girlfriend’s needs and isn’t selfish because he loves her and makes her feel desirable. You can be considerate of her needs by remembering important things like work promotions or anniversaries, offering to do more chores when she’s busy with something else, making dinner after she’s had a hard day at work or remembering to include her when you make decisions. Dating is about being a couple and making a life together so be loving and supportive towards her because she’s an important part of your life.

8) Not expecting relationship roles to be gender based

Real men know how to be sexy and that it isn’t always about sex, it’s also about personality and the way they think. Some guys treat women based on stereotypes and expect their girlfriends to do things that are considered “women’s work” like making dinner, doing the housework and always looking her best. Women find it sexy when a man can appreciate her for other things like being a hard worker or for accepting of the way she looks naturally. They also like it when men do things like offer to help with chores or make dinner.

9) Gives genuine compliments

Attractive women get compliments about their looks all the time and it gets to the point where it becomes meaningless. If you want to make her think you’re sexy then try giving her genuine and non-sexual compliments so she knows you’re attracted to her as a person and not for superficial reasons. Compliment her on things that you like about her such as her sense of humor, her interests or her personality. She’ll see that you’re a thoughtful person who cares about her and knowing how you feel about her will make her want you even more. (end of article)

So there you have it; 9 Non-sexual things that make a man sexy and irresistible to a woman by Katy Benett. You don’t have to spend hours and hours in the gym to be interesting to a woman. When a guy overdoes that, it is a turn off to most women. They think that is conceited and that the guy is focusing too much on himself. I do agree with her that these things are helpful.

Let me know what you think about this here or in the Community Corner message forums linked in the description box. At some point your looks aren’t going to be what they used to be, so developing and maintaining these qualities will help you find and keep a love beyond the sea.

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