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Learning to Love Yourself is NOT the Greatest Love

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I want to talk about loving yourself and feeling like nobody loves you. Subscribe to this channel, check out the website. I am sort of counter culture on some things. Relationships don’t seem to be healthy these days, that’s the impression I get. Maybe I can shake things up a bit, in a good way.

1. Is it true nobody loves you? What kind of expression are you looking for? Parents might/should love their children; spouses should love each other. What is love? To me it comes down to meeting the needs of another, even to the point of sacrifice, with no strings attached. There may be times when only God loves someone, and even then, that person might not be aware of it. We all want love, but many don’t know what it is they are seeking or it could be unrealistic, such as wanting someone to be perfect in the way they treat us and giving up on potential when they show they are human. They might want love but only from someone who checks off certain boxes on their list of qualifications.

2. Why would someone else’s actions decide if you are lovable? People are fickle and selfish by nature, yet can learn how to love. I am not a big believer in needing to love yourself because I think we love ourselves plenty, often too much and don’t pay attention and love others enough, and that is very important.

It’s dangerous to depend on someone else to love us to feel loved because that person can decide not to love you (true love however doesn’t do that). What happens if the person who loves you dies? Then you might be back to not feeling loved. Watch the video to learn why learning to love others is the way to being loved.

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