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Relationships: The Unofficial 8th Flag of Flag Theory: Why You Should Offshore Your Dating Life

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You’re probably asking; “What is Flag Theory?” and what does it have to do with dating? For me, I would be very surprised that any of the LvBTS readers/viewers would know what this term is. While some may point to specific notches based on nationality that is generally used in the PUA community occasionally, this "flag theory" is something entirely different.

I have long been an avid follower of the offshore tax and lifestyle
strategies niche for many years. Many who hear the term “offshore”
associate this industry with tax evaders and the extremely wealthy.
This can’t be any further from the truth.

Your probably wondering how this is even related to dating? To answer how flag theory and dating compliment each other; a little history and introduction to the concept is in order.

Flag theory was first mentioned in 1964 by Harry D Schultz a well regarded investment adviser and author. In Harry’s book “How to Keep Your Money and Your Freedom”; this was the very first time the term “flag theory” and this concept was mentioned in any sort of medium.

The general concept of flag theory is to diversify your assets and to
“not put your eggs all in one basket” in order to protect the
lifestyle you are living. The concept started out as 3 flags which

1) A
Second Passport

Asset Protection


Over time many other flags have been added to this original list with varying levels of spin by commentators, such as banking, incorporation and digital assets, but the content generally remains the same. It is beyond the scope of this commentary to go into this interesting and fascinating topic, but if there is enough interest I may go into some depth surrounding a few flags of interest that would be beneficial in structuring your life to avoid the common pitfalls of our society. That said due to our increasing adversarial social environment any person of means or who cares about what they have built should become very familiar with flag theory and look at designing there lifestyle accordingly. Nowadays; this lifestyle is not just for the rich and famous; there are many opportunities around the world to implement this concept into your life, even if you are part of the middle class.

Nowwhat does this have to do with dating? My answer to that is a lot!

Bob’s channel focuses on finding your Love Beyond the Sea; while he
primarily advocates Filipinas as excellent choices for wives (which
they are), his overarching message is there is a world of opportunity
out there to diversify your relationships in which you can find much
more friendly and compatible partners abroad instead of the raw deal
in western countries. This concept of finding the love of your life
overseas and expanding your dating options, in my opinion is a shoe
in and should be made an official flag in flag theory due to the
spirit of diversifying your life. Why should you settle for women who
do not have your interest at heart and only care about you beyond
what you can provide? I know I wouldn’t!

Many smart and intelligent men are dateless in the west, but are successful in other areas of life, so finding love abroad to me would be a excellent idea and a no-brainer as the expanded pool of women makes the likelihood of finding a match that much greater. Why should successful men suffer from mediocrity?

Now your probably wondering what does finding your Love Beyond the Sea mean in actual terms. The problem is today, many men in western countries feel that women the world over are all the same (which is true for the most part), however in saying that there are some omissions made when people make this claim.

The truth is women in foreign countries are much more receptive and friendly than there the traditional domestic counterparts due to cultural differences and better upbringing. This is the X factor that makes foreign women different. I want to be clear that the west isn't totally lost as there are still small pockets of traditional women (typically religious) in western countries. However, these small pockets are shrinking and are unfortunately few and far between to find. Due to this reason it is not time efficient for any successful man to look for a domestic unicorn. The point of travelling overseas is to expand your dating pool of available, receptive, friendly and feminine women that are in short supply domestically.

By changing your location you gain a fresh start and perhaps your combination of looks, personality and character will be a hit with women in this new location you find yourself in. Perhaps you may find your love of your life there?

There are many decades of tales of men travelling to foreign locations and then after a very short time getting married to fantastic women inside and out. While negative stories often come to the forefront, there are many millions of American and western men who are in happy marriages with foreign women, Bob happens to be one of those stories.

Despairing and thinking that AWALT is not a winners mentality by any stretch.
Winners in any area of life are always on the look out for new
opportunities wherever they may be.

So if you are tired of your current dating prospects in your city/country; perhaps take a trip or join an online international dating site and just like many smart men before you diversify your dating life and join the ranks of many savvy successful men who made the switch and pursued there Love Beyond the Sea!

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