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Marriage IS about Love and More Sex Talk

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I’m going to be hitting some more topics from a longer upload I made in response to an article called Sex-free marriage anyone? Welcome to the new trend for the wokeys: marrying your best friend. Evidently some people think they can improve on God’s idea of marriage; that it is somehow deficient, but marriage as the Bible describes it, is the grace of life, the very best. Today I want to refute that marriage is not about love. I have been making the case that when you marry, sex is an obligation. It is also a great pleasure and gift a husband and wife give to each other.

The other day I noticed the title of an article that was called Let’s NOT talk about sex… because the onslaught of porn and erotica has demystified it so much that it’s lost its appeal.

But we do have to talk about it. Sex is such a wonderful thing and has been corrupted by our sinfulness. Sex is everything it is cracked up to be. It should never lose its appeal either. I talk about it because it matters. The quality of a sexual relationship is often indicative of the quality of the marriage. Do you want to know how to not corrupt and demystify it? Get married, stay married, render to your spouse what belongs to them. What you do together is up to the two of you. Not married, then get married. Struggling with porn? Find help for that. I made six podcasts on Casting Beyond The Sea about that topic.

A statement from an article I will link for you is “Platonic marriages are the way to go. A new trend for the wokeys that walk among us, mostly upon water.

If you think platonic marriage is the way to go, you would be going the wrong way as I have tried to show. From the beginning, according to the Bible, a man was to marry a woman, they are a perfect fit for each other. That is the way to go. Not MGTOW.

These kinds of marriages, of course, have always happened – alliances between kings and clans, families and all that, and millions still enter arranged marriages with someone they barely even know. Marriage has not always been about love, it has always been a kind of contract.” 

Marriage should be about love, absolutely! Ephesians 5 says husband are to love their wives as Christ loved the church and gave up himself for her. Titus 2:4 says older woman are to teach the younger women to love their husbands. On Love Beyond The Sea, I am trying to do much the same thing for guys. That’s why some of it makes people uncomfortable. I could care less if you had been contracted into a marriage, love is still commanded. Can you love someone you don’t love? Of course you can, and would have to. Love is something you render, not so much what you feel.

Plus, I know plenty of people who married someone from another country so they could get a visa. They never had sex together either.”

Well, there you go, I hadn’t mentioned that one. Someone getting a visa for unbiblical reasons. I think the government would also consider that an invalid and unlawful marriage. Some might even try to interject an age gap marriage between a man and a woman, often from different countries. That may be unusual, but it is often cultural and has been around for a very long time. That has always been desirable for men especially. I won’t go into that here because I have in many prior videos, but if the two are faithful to each other, they have a normal marital life doing normal things, it is legal and they pledge to love and serve each other until death do they part, they are married.

I’ll pass on sexless marriage, thank you. I found love beyond the sea.

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