Long Distance Relationships

Part 2 - How Long Does It Take To Know A Filipina?

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In Part 1 I talked about my thoughts on why you need not spend years of time trying to get to know someone online, here we will talk about some signs to show if you are with the right person in a typical relationship, and I will talk about how that differs in a long distance-relationship. Subscribe to Love Beyond The Sea for help with whomever you decide to marry. I can tell you it isn’t easy even with a wonderful Filipina so why don’t we compare notes together? You can leave comments here and please get notifications for upcoming videos by tapping the bell.

In my opinion, if you think someone is the right person, why not get married sooner than later? What is the value in waiting additional time? We only have so much time and we don’t even know how much that is. I am not ashamed to admit I pursued my wife with a sense of urgency. I felt if I could trust her, then we would work out regular marital issues as they come up. I will link a video I made called “Is it too late to find a Filipina for love?

What is your opinion of how long a foreigner and Filipina need to know each other before getting married?

What was your thought process if you are married to a Filipina?

What did you think you needed to know about her and what was the most important thing you needed to know?

See more by watching the video.

I focused on what mattered the most to me, and quickly married my Love Beyond The Sea!

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