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Romantically Love Doesn't Need to be Super Charged

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I’m going to be hitting some topics from a longer upload I made in response to an article called Sex-free marriage anyone? Welcome to the new trend for the wokeys: marrying your best friend. Does that appeal to you? I don’t think this is marriage at all. People have been trying to modify or make an idea of marriage that suits them even though it goes against the grain of what has been the norm for a very long time, say the beginning of time.

Please subscribe to Love Beyond The Sea where I talk about many things related to marriage. This is a 4M channel: for Mature Marriage-Minded Men. Today I want to talk about if an older couple can still have romantic love. Is good sex just for the young? Make no mistake about it, when you marry, sex is an obligation. It is also a great pleasure and gift a husband and wife give to each other. Here is a comment from the article that I will link in the description box.

Everlasting and sexually supercharged romantic love is a myth. It exists only for Disney princesses.”

Of course, no one is supercharged romantically for the duration of their life or functionally. Why not get the getting while the getting is good? That’s one of the benefits of marriage. Why even bring up that “everlasting and sexually supercharged romantic love is a myth”? Yes, it is eventually. Everything in the physical realm for all of us is in decline. Supercharged romantic love is a myth in general but the younger you are, the more supercharged it may be. Isn’t that a sensible time to get married?

Ahh you may say, what do 18-year-olds know about love and responsibility? Probably not much, they can be taught that and they can pick that up in marriage, valid marriage. If all of us waited until we knew everything and were so-called perfectly prepared for something, we might run out of time. I hadn’t had a relationship in forever. I married my wife in less than eight weeks and committed before even meeting her in person. We have been married for six years. I knew some things, but still had to have a place to put to use what I learned about marriage, which was marriage.

As for “Romantic Love Doesn’t Need to be Supercharged”, what I am getting at is while it can start out on a high note, it will reach a crescendo before diminishing to something calmer. That is not something that should make us afraid to get married, but rather afraid to wait too long to get married.

Our bodies, our health is in decline as the years go by. I am 59 and this sort of thing is on my mind now more than it used to be. We should always want to make our time count. We marry because the thrill of sex is great and a good sex life is something to thank God for. Here is what I suggest to think about as we get older.

A declining prowess if you will, is completely normal and expected. How will that affect your marriage? That depends on what your expectations are. While younger, the sheer pleasurable act of sex drives us to marry, and that goes for both genders, but after so many years of marriage and the years adding up, eventually it is less frequent than it used to be. We may not even think about it as much. The important thing to know is that this need not diminish the emotional intimacy between a husband and wife, something players or those who don’t get married cannot relate to.

I think after you have “exhausted” your vitality, your relational intimacy should be at a high point, and can even get better. You will have a lot of memories from your marriage and I’d like to think that the time you have left together becomes even more precious. Does that make sense? I am talking about something that we all will have to deal with should we live long enough.

So, while being romantically supercharged can exist for a while, its decline needs to be accepted and the other aspects of the marriage appreciated a little more. The marriage isn’t doomed and neither should our self-esteem be. Marriage is the safest place for this natural decline in both sexes. Stay tuned for more marriage-minded videos for mature marriage-minded men here on Love Beyond The Sea.

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