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The 10 Best Things About Being In A Relationship - DR. PHILippines

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I get the impression many people today aren’t in relationships and that some seem to not care while others do care and other people aren’t optimistic about finding anyone they could marry someday. Is having a relationship still a good goal to pursue? I think it is and there are many worthwhile and healthy aspects about being in a relationship, that is, a good one.

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I will dig into these ten aspects of a relationship that are especially meaningful and beneficial to me but I want to hear from you too. What are the ten best things about being in a relationship? I will elaborate on my top ten in the video:

1. Closeness/Belonging

2. Reliability/Consistency

3. Companionship

4. Not searching

5. Receiving help

6. Someone to help

7. Future plans

8. Touch

9. Communication

10. Sex

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