The Filipina's Profound Sacrifice To Be With You

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Something that’s easy to get overlooked once your Filipina fiancé or spouse has arrived in your country is the fact that she has departed the Philippines and that is a very emotional time for her. Subscribe to Love Beyond The Sea and among other things, I will try to help you see things through the perspective of the Filipina, because that will help you greatly to relate to her, especially early on. Get notifications for upcoming videos by tapping the bell and by all means, leave a comment and share these if you would like.

After being married to my wife I met here on Christian Filipina for almost 4.5 years, I am increasingly in awe of the sacrifice she made to be my wife. It is difficult to put into words since I can’t relate to her experience and I’m not sure I’d be able to deal with it the way she has. We are planning on retiring in the Philippines and even have a home there, but sometimes the thought of leaving America causes me some stress. It is only natural when leaving all your familiarities.

When she accepted my proposal from nearly 10,000 miles away, she promised she would be where I was, but in order for that to happen, she would be leaving everything she has grown up with behind, not knowing how often she’d be able to return. I do not think she did just this to be able to send some money back home because that is giving up too much for too little in return to her.

My wife tells me probably 75% of Filipinas want to leave the country, and I believe her, but if she is any indication, they don’t want to leave their families yet that comes with leaving the country. She wants love, she wants a man she can trust.

She cried now and then for the first several months after arriving in America in January of 2016, but told me she hid it from me. When we returned from the Philippines for a two-week vacation just 7 months after she arrived to see her newborn niece, leaving was tearful for her. Then she cried in the taxi and on the plane, telling me that “it is so hard leaving”. What a mix of emotions but she did leave since we live in America now. I don’t like seeing her cry but I can really appreciate what she goes through.

She took many photos and videos because they are good memories but there are times it can cause her to be sad. I hesitate to play our wedding songs since a while ago she told me they make her sad because it reminds her of being back in the Philippines. I have told her she is the most courageous woman I know for doing that, and I know that many other Filipinas have done or will do the same thing for someone who will marry them.

As I ponder her profound sacrifice, for me, I can’t help but want to do everything I can to be good to her, meet her needs, protect her, be her best friend, and allow her to go back home a reasonable amount of times, although it is so far away even she, is not interested in doing it regularly because the flights and layovers are very challenging. Just imagine being that far away from everything you have loved and experienced in your life and simply not being able to just take a weekend and go back home.

When your Filipina comes to be with you she gives up being with family and friends that are very important to her and she doesn’t know when she’ll see them again! In return, she is looking for a man with the means to provide a better life for her and to allow her to help her family financially. Most likely, she will want to work in America.

She also wants a man who will be faithful to her. She is hoping an older man will be able to provide these things to her. Will he? She doesn’t know when she starts her journey. She is concerned about being beaten and controlled, because it happens. She’s heard the stories. That’s an extraordinary risk when you are married to someone you mainly got to know through a webcam.

Men, a good Filipina is waiting for you to pursue her for marriage and love her the rest of your life. Please give her the ultimate respect for making this sacrifice for you, and like the Bible says in Ephesians 5, give up your life for her, considering what she has given up to be the best wife you’ll ever have.

“The sacrifice your Filipina makes is reason enough to cherish your Love Beyond The Sea.

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