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Thotology 101 – The Blushing Bride or Bar Fly? - A MrE Commentary

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I have a big “thot” of the day for you. MrE had to get something off his chest so he wanted me to instruct the viewers on “Thotology 101”. Some of you already know what a thot is, if you don’t keep watching and you will understand. Now, Dr. PHILippines likes to be straight forward, but MrE takes it to another level.

He has contributed his share to the Love Beyond The Sea playlist called “The Controversial Collection” and I have assembled his videos in a playlist with his name also. Be sure to leave a comment here or in the Community Corner Message Forums. On to MrE’s thoughts-

Greetings and salutations everyone. It has been awhile since I have given a commentary and the world has changed quite a bit. When I last gave a commentary, the world was still functional. While we haven’t quite made it to Contagion or Mad Max Fury Road (both excellent movies) levels of societal breakdown; seeing as I have some extra time on my hands due to the lockdown; I figured I would make a rare commentary.

One thing that I have noticed in my absence is the absolute blatant cluelessness I have observed in the comment section in many relationship-oriented channels. This distillation of bad advice is quite frightening to me and I feel will get many men put through the ringer in both relationships and marriage. While I hold Bob to a high standard there are certain things me and him disagree on, and a perfect example is the video that was released prior to this one called “Am I Guilty of putting my Filipina Wife on a Pedestal? (Pedestalizing)” which you can find linked below this video.

Many will wonder if me making this upcoming commentary is in response to that video or some things Bob has said lately; to dispel that rumor right now, it isn’t; but it is rather just a general observation I have noticed within the Philippine vlogging sphere and beyond of so called experts dishing out bad blue pill advice to men who desperately need good advice.

While I will talk about this bad advice in another upcoming commentary, I want to focus on another issue that I have observed that I feel I need to address.

For this reason, class is now in session and Professor E is now going to give the audience a crash course education in Thotology 101 and proper mate selection.

One thing that has irked me the past little while is on certain channels, is people moaning and groaning about “how all Filipina’s are scammers” etc. and they moan about not getting quality results. I feel men lately have forgotten about personal responsibility and the onus being on you. While sometimes things are out of your control; I have noticed an increasing frequency of putting the blame on some other factor rather than the blame being laid at your own feet. There is no excuse for bad behavior and being lazy. If you happen to indulge in a certain “lifestyle” and complain about how you got bilked out X amount of dollars by some Angeles City hooker and somehow you thought “she was different”; I have a nice bridge to sell you!

In other words, maybe the reason you aren't getting results isn’t the woman, maybe the problem is you and the women you are attracting.

These are the same men who enable thot behavior and we as honorable men need to hold these people accountable. These guys who “pay” and somehow think they are being smart are only making things worse on themselves and every other man. When these guys are shelling out money to some random woman on the internet or sponsor a Filipina this is how bad behavior is reinforced and more will do it. Then these same men lament about bad attitudes of these very same women they enabled and wonder what happened. So, congratulations guys; a new thot is born-a woman who uses her looks to get money, think cam girls, but denies the satisfaction of sex, thus they are not a hooker.

Simping will be the death of us all!

If men want good behavior, they need to stop enabling the bad. With every unearned comment, with every Western Union check, with every super chat donation given to some woman who shows a little cleavage or just existing; more and more women will take notice and get on the thot-train. What is concerning is some people within the Philippines vlogging community are doing just that as I have seen it.

Your probably now asking; “Hey Professor E how do I find a woman who will be wife material?”

Good question! I will say this; for the vast majority of men; quality women aren't going to be found on Filipino Cupid, Date In Asia or Pina Love. While I expect to see in the comments some guy touting “Oh I met my wife on one of those sites mentioned”, for the majority of men you’re not going to meet a wife on any of those sites. At least not in 2020. What you will find are hookers, scammers, cam girls and thots. Gents the game has changed in 2020. To find a decent woman you have to go to smaller more high brow places like Christian Filipina (CF) or smaller sites or even better boots on the ground in places where quality women can be found in abundance; church anyone?

Sad thing is most guys don’t want to put in work. Finding a wife is hard. For the vast majority of lazy men aka the complainers who frequent the mainstream dating sites won't last long as they would probably quit, or get taken for a ride. They for-sure won’t last on a niche quality site like CF due to their sexpatting ways. For these men it is the path of least resistance and they will be the first to complain when it doesn’t go right.

Another thing that needs to be said is about guys focusing solely on looks in a woman. I will be the first to admit looks matter. That said a woman’s personality is equally important. I never quite understood guys shacking up with someone who looks hot, but is either crazy or they hate their guts.

These women might not be as pretty as the most popular girls who have bikini shots like most men gravitate toward, but these women more than make up for it in being a joy to be around. The problem is these overlooked women often get spammed with canned messages, just as much as the popular women and get jaded by it due to extreme thirst.

As for the popular women they know their worth so they can play the game, so when these thirsty men get blown out, they become bitter and say things are getting worse in the Philippines. Believe me, I have seen these comments. While it is true things are getting worse as more and more guys are competing for the finite supply of pretty women; it all comes back to guys who want life on easy street; either that or they get scammed because they only think with there little head rather than their big head.

Pumping up a pretty woman’s ego isn’t going to help you, it will only hurt. So quit commenting and showering them with compliments thinking they will notice you.

Foreigners don't give enough credit to Filipinas as they can be quite savvy and they often get blindsided when they hitch up to the wrong one or get blown out as they aren't demonstrating their value. They think they can just walk into the Philippines and it will be easy street like all the stories they have read online, only to find out the truth. I will say that in the Philippines it is still easy to find what your looking for if you are looking for a wife and a mother to your children, but it does require some decency and putting in some value.

So, the sincere foreigner isn't hurting just the insincere guys like I said a year ago now, in my video titled “Is the Philippines dead for sexpats and marriage-minded men?

There are many places in the Philippines and elsewhere with feminine women just waiting to be discovered. I get sick and tired of the FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) and about how x places is ruined. A place is what you make of it.

There are still good Filipinas to be found in 2020 guys just don't want to put in the effort or go looking in the right spots. They want Ms. Sexy instead of Ms. (Insert your Last Name Here that your future wife takes).

Remember folks, you can't turn a whore into a housewife!

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