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Why doesn’t a guy admit that he likes a girl even if he stares at her a lot?- Dr. PHILippines

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He might think that people will think he is weird that he actually likes someone. That used to be normal, nowadays many people seem to think it is better to be alone. Why bother liking someone if you’re not supposed to get married or some other kind of convoluted reasoning.

Maybe this guy isn’t comfortable talking about sexual attraction?

It may be that if he admits to liking someone then he will need to do something about it, and he might not know what to do next. Does he ask her out, does he talk to her, does he have to tell her why he is interested in her…it can be a little stressful if he is not used to talking to women. If he is shy, not admitting attraction can protect him from having to take action.

It is possible he thinks that the girl or woman he is attracted to doesn’t meet other people’s standards of attraction, so he just tries to brush off any interest but deep down inside he is attracted to her. It doesn’t matter whether anyone else think she is attractive, but he might not want to deal with a lot of ridicule from so called friends or people telling him he can do better.

He might not want to explain to others what turns him on about her, so it is easier to just say he isn’t interested but continue to day dream.
As a westerner who married a woman from the Philippines, I have no qualms telling people why I like her and why I married her, even though I am sure there are people behind my back who criticize me for doing that because they find it unusual.

Let me know by leaving a comment. Personally, it is easy for me to express what I am dealing with inside so it is possible I am way out in left field on this question and there could be other reasons why a guy won’t admit he likes someone even though he looks at her continuously.
He can hold in his true thoughts if he wants to but looking will only get him so far.

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