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What it's like being married to a Beautiful Filipina: Part 1

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There are various considerations when you are aware you are with a beautiful woman. I do believe that being married to her helps “back some people off” as opposed to dating her, being “an item”. I want to do this topic justice so hang on. I will use some of the lyrics from the song to illustrate my points. What others think-What it’s like being married to a beautiful Filipina is more profound than merely saying “It’s great!”

To start, I’ll assume that the marriage is good. “What it’s like” can be influenced by outside factors such as the opinions of others and how they react to you. It is possible you may have friends that are jealous and you won’t hear from them as much. You might notice people at work look at you a little differently than usual, or more people suddenly know your name or say hello than before. Perhaps some family members will indicate they are uncomfortable with you marrying a beautiful, and by inference, much younger Filipina. Now they are suddenly confronted with people they know asking about your relationship. At worst you may become the butt of jokes or some unscrupulous person will try to intrude on your relationship. What you think-What you believe about marrying a younger, pretty Filipina is the most important thing. You know you have done what others may have wanted to do, but didn’t. There is nothing wrong with desiring to marry a younger woman from the Philippines, and you can, but having it work out is a whole different matter, which I labor to shed light on here on Love Beyond The Sea. I strongly recommend NOT to brag about having a beautiful Filipina.

That only serves to fan the flames of criticism or jealousy. It can also make your wife feel like you married her for her beauty alone, which would hurt her and make it harder for her to love you. Having said that, I wouldn’t try to live a secluded life with her and I am not timid about displaying photos of her and us together, as anyone in my locker room at work knows. What God thinks-There is no biblical instruction or rules on getting married, just basic principles that I have outlined in previous videos you can find in the Young Wife Playlist, one of them is “One for the ages” (age gap with a Filipina), is one I will link for you. I only thought about a younger wife when it became evident to me that I would need to look in another country for a wife. I had no shame when looking for my wife because I know of no biblical admonition against it.

The main thing is to get married, which I hadn’t been able to do. If wanting to marry a younger, pretty Filipina violates your conscience, then I would hold off on that. But what is it like?-I hope that anyone who is married is attracted to their wife. That’s almost always part of marrying someone. An interesting dynamic though for an older westerner, is that normally at his age, his wife does not look like this beautiful Filipina. I am nearly 58. I love looking at my wife. I love admiring her beauty when she sleeps, or when she is looking at her phone. I love looking at her hair, her skin, her face. I love looking at her in photos and videos, I love hearing the sound of her voice. I love holding her. To me she hasn’t changed a bit in over four years of marriage. Aesthetically, it’s great! One time someone suggested to me that a plain woman was better than a good looking one, ostensibly because other men would be trying to get her attention away from me. That statement kind of implies that either one automatically makes for a good spouse, but a plain looking wife doesn’t come equipped with maturity necessarily.

The looks are wonderful and naturally desired by a man looking for a wife. It doesn’t make me love her more and over time when her looks change little by little, my love and attraction to her isn’t going to change.

I’ll give more detail about his topic in part 2 of “What it’s like being married to a beautiful Filipina.

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