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What It's Like Being Married To A Beautiful Filipina: Part 2

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Fear Factor-There are men who are a little fearful of actually marrying a younger Filipina and bringing her to his country where they will stick out like a sore thumb. I believe if a man is convinced he is marrying her for the right reasons, then he has nothing to be concerned about. The right reasons would be that he has basic needs and he is committed to the needs of his wife. He isn’t marrying her to show off to his buddies, he simply recognized his need for a wife and is going to avail himself of as many options as he has.

Visibility (what people see)-Of course, he wants people to see them together, but if there is a reluctance to be seen in public for fear of people talking, somehow, I think that will end up affecting their relationship. It may be that the Filipina is a little reluctant to be seen in public in his country, as opposed to the Philippines where it is more conventional. I should do some people watching the next time we are in the Philippines, to observe how a couple with an age gap look and act together. Gossip-(what people say)-Bringing a younger Filipina to the US for instance, will result in a lot of behind the back talk and a certain amount of speculation. If this is too disconcerting for someone, then he won’t be able to enjoy his relationship with a younger, pretty wife. People are going to say what they think, but what they think may not be true. Here are the kinds of thoughts outsiders probably do have- She’s only with him for his money

What is their sex life like? What if they end up having children? Could he lose her to a younger man? Does he really love her? Is he a loser who can’t get anyone his own age? Why a poor woman? He only loves her for her body Don’t be defensive, don’t be apologetic-Being married to a beautiful Filipina attracts attention at first because it is a novelty here in the States. I’d like to think you wouldn’t let this affect your relationship, but you should know that yes, people will talk, and probably not to your face. At the end of the day, what matters is the kind of husband you want to be and the kind of woman you married. I will link an earlier video called “Shame on your for wanting a younger wife?” in the description box because if you want to pursue a woman out of your league, you will first need to come to terms with it in your own mind. You need to be secure in your motives.

You don’t owe a detractor an explanation, there is no need to get into a confrontation, don’t act insecure. It isn’t likely anyone will get into a debate with you about your relationship, I certainly haven’t had to justify my choice of a wife with anyone face to face. There was one time in the comments section of a video I made where I was taken to task by a younger Filipina, and I chose to reply to her allegations in a calm, respectful, matter of fact way. After about ten replies to her, she tempered her remarks, then deleted her comments. I merely let her know that I married Aiza for her good and that the choice was ours. I would hate to marry Aiza but then give off the vibe to her that I am somehow uncomfortable or ashamed that I pursued her. I eventually did want a younger wife but that’s not the reason I married her.

I married her because she seemed like a woman who would work with me well, be compatible with me in life. You literally have the choice of the litter so to speak. Filipinas are incredibly good looking, very alluring, but you’ll want one with character. Aiza is very beautiful to me and I only have eyes for her.

From the looks of things, I made the right choice to find Love Beyond the Sea.

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