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Why In the Devil Aren't People Marrying Like They Used To?

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People aren't getting married as early as they used to and in America, not as often. There are reasons why but the bottom line is that people living single is unnatural and leads to problems that are avoided in marriage. I did a video called The High Cost of being Single to talk about some of them. The Bible talks about " seducing spirits and the doctrine of devils, forbidding to marry." Satan does not want people to get married. That would be what God wants people to do, but Satan is a destroyer and a the Father of Lies, and is behind any movement to keep people single. MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) comes to mind here.

God made marriage for the good of mankind, tells us who can actually stay single, and how to conduct ourselves when we are married. Preoccupation with self interferes with getting married. Satan is all about self-do your own thing, go your own way…but God wants us, actually commands us, to go His way. Marriage allows a man to have the helper he was created with a need for. Adam was created first, then Eve was created as his helper. It wasn't that God made Adam only to realize he made a mistake and needed to make Eve, God's plan from the beginning was to first make a man, then to make a woman to meet his need, to be his helper. God could have started civilization with many couples but did it this way to make a point. Satan wants to corrupt this completion that a woman gives a man. We need sex, that's God's idea, not only for procreation but also for pleasure. Men's and women's differences are complimentary.

Satan desires to have men meet sexual needs outside of marriage or not at all, and both are wrong and destructive, but that's Satan's way. Being single for me was a huge struggle. Being married now, starting at age 53 has been a very pleasant change. Of course you need to make a good choice of a wife, but the Bible calls marriage the grace of life, which means, husband and wife are heirs of the best thing, being married! The Bible says it is not good that the man (Adam) should be alone, but that goes for nearly all of us. The only men or women who have a right to decide to stay single are those who God has given the spiritual gift of singleness,

That is the ability to stay single your whole life and it doesn't frustrate you. It is voluntary and the purpose is for the body of Christ, for the kingdom of God. The default position is marriage and that is a wonderful thing. Satan wants to bring down anything God has made for the benefit of man to corrupt it, to hurt and destroy people. We are to determine God's will for our lives and pursue it. For most of us that is marriage but where there is a reluctance to marry or even a disdain for it, you can bet that Satan is behind it. I am happy Satan did not prevent me from finding my Love Beyond The Sea.

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