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Young Men In Crisis (MrE)

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There is a crisis that young men are dealing with today that may be best resolved with finding a wife overseas, as I did. Things were tough for me in several decades and I think are worse now. I want to hear your comments on this here or in the Community Corner message forums. There is an alternative, a solution to these woes, that I will talk about today. Subscribe to Love Beyond The Sea; no matter the changes in the west, many men are still able to get what they want and need, they just have to go about it differently than they have in the past.

I will read a commentary from MrE. Remember that your comments are welcomed.

Within the course of the past decade there has been an accelerated growth of hate by society towards men spearheaded by the media. Every single day there is some news story, tweet or comment about how evil men are. Society has grouped men under the umbrella of characteristics that maybe a few bad apples have within our ranks. From cradle to grave in modern American society; men are taught how they are disposable and how bad they are for just existing.

Young boys in America are shamed for their very nature, boys can no longer explore and become men, because society won't allow it. Young men no longer have a rite of passage like their ancestors, be it their first hunt with their father, getting the keys to grandpas old muscle car or even just going out alone in the world and having there shackles freed just a little; young boys/men are no longer free to explore the world and to understand what it means to be a man.

We are constantly shamed with the term of toxic masculinity which is described as a man who is sexually aggressive, assertive and is a go getter. In short, the opposite of a wimp and a hipster also known as a nu-male or soyboy.

What is so wrong with being a cowboy, a rough-neck or living up to the archetype of traditional masculine role-models of old like John Wayne, Marlon Brando, Clint Eastwood or Al Pacino?

With a constant barrage from talking heads on the media about how the future is female and how all men are dangerous predators that should be locked up just for displaying sexual interest in a woman. Many men especially young men are lost and confused in this dystopian world. Due to this suppression of male identity, young men are ill equipped to face the challenges of manhood, especially when it comes to relationships with the opposite sex.

With every man monitored and scrutinized; a harmless friendly touch on the wrist to a woman he is sexually attracted to in this day often leaves men terrified; as the consequences of getting things wrong weighs heavily on his mind. This is due to the poor souls who rightly or wrongly have been crucified in the media in this post #MeToo era. With masculine role models and coming of age stories demonized in Hollywood and often growing up in single mother homes; many young men today are unsure of how to conduct themselves leading to often very dramatic and often violent outbursts.

With this constant barrage of demonization from the media, the workplace and social media this has had a very disastrous effect on the male psyche. With male suicide rates well beyond epidemic levels and a significant rise in poor socialization leading to many young men becoming shut-ins and incels; and the systematic destruction of male-only spaces these very serious problems spell doom for the future of our society!

While this may or may not be a surprise to this audience it is something that has long been neglected and not discussed within our society. The media and the rest of society needs to stop the demonization of our boys, young men and men in general. This requires no more shows depicting fathers as bumbling idiots and allowing fathers equal opportunity to be with their children and be involved in their lives. While this is unlikely to happen, this needs to happen to avoid the cataclysm that awaits us.

Bob’s channel Love Beyond the Sea is about providing solutions. Here are some things that need to change immediately in society and are solutions to these problems experienced by young men;

  1. Give men credit where credit is due – We built society, we toil away so everyone including women can enjoy a better life
  2. No more double standards and true fair treatment – Just like women have specific shelters for domestic violence and a safety net, men should be awarded the same treatment
  3. No more affirmative action – Jobs should be merit based. Who is the most talented regardless of gender should get the job. No more hiring quotas!
  4. False rape accusations should be punished just as hard as actual rape – Many young men have had their lives destroyed by women who think it is funny to cry wolf. Due to our legal systems bias towards men, many young men go through the grinder of American justice with little recourse. Even when vindicated women are given slaps on the wrist in comparison to the crime they are alleging. This needs to end!
  5. Fair and equal treatment during divorce proceedings as well as taking out the for-profit motive in the judicial system – Men should have equal rights and opportunity to be awarded their children, children should not be awarded automatically to mothers.

While this list is unlikely ever to materialize unless there is societal collapse. The next best option is to vote with your feet. There are still places in the world where the man is respected and is given credit in society, the Philippines just so happens to be one of those places.

For those young men who feel neglected and betrayed by their society I wholly encourage you to take your money, expertise, intelligence and resources elsewhere, where you are still valued. You do not have to feel shame about who you are as a man or your sexually identity as a man. Women still appreciate men who know what they want and express sexual interest in them.

You will not be harshly rejected or hit with a restraining order as long as you conduct yourself in a proper civilized manner. Women elsewhere are dying to meet a highly quality man such as yourself, just as long as you can prove you’re are good leader, provider and can offer her security to her and the children you may have with her.

The western world is at a cross roads, things must change in society and things must become fairer for men both young and old. Western women cannot be hypocritical of the young men of today who take their ball and go elsewhere and should examine how they treat the men in their lives; if she has ever rejected a good decent man for a ride on the carousel she no longer has a reason to complain when she is post wall and lonely.

Additionally, if western women want western men to return to the plantation, bargaining table or whatever anecdotal term you want to throw in here, they must aggressively denounce their feminist sister’s actions and words.

While I would like things to change it is unlikely. So, if you are tired of your current dating prospects where you live take a trip or join an online international dating site and diversify your dating life. There is absolutely nothing wrong with diversification and expanding your boundaries.

Young men the world awaits!

This concludes this commentary!

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