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Filipinas are Not Naturally Docile and Submissive

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I am making a playlist called Straight talk to foreigner men about Filipinas that will contain short videos and some might make the foreign man cringe. You might wonder why I would do that when I want to help men find a Filipina to marry. I do want that, but I don’t want there to be any surprises. Marriage to a Filipina is hard work like with anything else. I want to clear the air of some misconceptions about Filipinas, that you’ll need to know before trying to find one, and how to handle it.

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Filipinas are not naturally docile and submissive. Men have heard about Asian women being submissive to their husbands, so the thought is that he will be on easy street with a Filipina, and she will be at his beck and call and do everything he wants her to do. That would be a big mistake. She might even think she is submissive, but it might not be to the degree the foreign man has in mind.

I wanted a submissive wife, as I have mentioned before, the Bible instructs a wife to be submissive to her husband for the good of the marriage, however, it is my observation that this is a challenge to most women, even if they say they want to be a submissive wife.

You might have heard that a Filipina wants to take good care of her husband, is a good lover, likes to avoid conflict, is quiet and soft spoken. While that may be true, it doesn’t mean she is docile and submissive. Why should you know this? Because you would be severely disappointed when you find out she has a strong will, which probably comes from needing to learn how to survive and get things done.

I think it can be said that a Filipina generally makes for a tolerant wife. For those of you married to a Filipina, would you agree? I am retired now but I have an exercise regimen and the channel and the podcasts and Tik Tok is important to me and I think my wife is good at giving me my space.

She will want to please her husband, but won’t want to be ordered around. She has possibly had to handle an above average amount of responsibility in her young life, if there is an age gap, and will want to continue to have responsibility. She might have grown up being looked to for decision making, and this can make it difficult for her if her husband has a lot of rules to follow or feels the need to make every decision, which is a bad idea. Ready-made to be docile and submissive? No.

Don’t look for a Filipina if you are assuming she will do what you want her to do, when you want her to do it. It is very difficult for a woman to do this even if she loves her husband and he is good to her. Men and women tend to want to rule over each other. Genesis 3:16- “… Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you.” This came after the original sin, the “desire” is a desire to control her husband, and the “rule” of the husband is much the same. This is the fate of fallen man, even Christian men and women have to deal with this. All of this. There is something there and will cause some friction between a husband and a wife.

It is important to not have unrealistic expectations. For many of us men, a Filipina might be the last chance we have to find someone that hasn’t grown up around feminism. They can make good wives, I ought to know. I just want you to be prepared. What to do about it?

Learn to be the kind of husband she will want to listen to, that she will come to know has her best interest in mind, her well-being and health. Decide together who will do what in your relationship, considering her strengths. I believe the husband has the last say, but he should defer to the Filipina whenever he can, I really believe that. I think she will appreciate that and hopefully it will be easier for her to stomach a decision she doesn’t agree with.

Filipinas are not naturally docile and submissive; I don’t think any woman is and I wouldn’t expect her to be. As a husband or someone who wants to be a husband, you want to be respected by your wife. That is a very big deal and a need in your life. If your Filipina did everything you wanted her to do, she wouldn’t have the freedom to disagree with you. She would be more or less a slave or a robot and you don’t want that. You want her to respect you. This will allow her to trust you and be comfortable with the way you lead her.

One of the things I pray for is that my wife learns to be submissive to me and also that I learn how to give up my life for her. I need to be willing to do anything for her good including literally dying for her, but sacrificing in various ways. I will link a video I made that explains what this idea of submission is, where it came from, and how to lead in such a way that should would want to follow you.

I will link a playlist called “How to earn a Filipina’s respect”, in it are four videos about practical ways to earn your Filipina’s respect. I will also link a video called “There’s no need to control your Filipina”. These fit with today’s topic. I am not naïve about the struggle between the sexes to find a comfortable place with decision making, the role each will play and so on.

Let this sink in. Filipinas aren’t naturally docile and submissive. In the next Straight Talk to Foreign men about Filipinas I will need to talk about whether or not a Filipina’s parents want her to marry an older westerner. Filipinas. What do you need to know about this? Stay tuned for that on Love Beyond The Sea.

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