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Thy Kingdom Come Part 2: The Filysium Fields and Beyond

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Brace yourselves for another MrE commentary. Today we will examine sexual market place dynamics and as usual, offer a resolution for the quagmire many are sinking in today in the west. This will be filed in the Controversial Collection playlist along with his other videos.

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As MrE described in a recent video, there has been an exodus from the west. Men are offshoring their love, and I support that because I want to see guys find love beyond the sea. I want them to experience what is important. That, like so many things these days, requires some risk, but with clear thinking and a willingness to try something different, they just might be given a new lease on life, as I was in 2015. You know the story by now.

The Filysium Fields and Beyond-What is this?

The Filysium Field is a land often described as paradise on earth; where virtuous men go; the good receive a life free from toil, not scraping with the strength of their arms the earth, nor the water of the sea, for the sake of poor neglect. They are in the presence of the honored, those who gladly keep their oaths and enjoy a good life, while the others left behind undergo a toil that is unbearable to watch.

The Filysium Fields is where time-honored traditions are kept and virtue is held to the highest order. Where family and hearth are the mainstay. It is the promised land of those virtuous men who seek their partner beyond the shores; a place where tears and regret are not present. Where partners are for life and family is cherished. These are Filysium Fields!

From MrE-In part 2 of Thy Kingdom Come we will discuss why dating overseas is different and contrast the current domestic SMP with the overseas SMP in places like the Philippines. Without any further ado, here is my commentary.

The modern SMP in America is a winner-take-all environment. It borrows elements from the capitalistic, consumerist society we live in. Just like capitalism there are winners and losers. High-status men enjoy sexual access and abundance that literally rivals that of kings. Okcupid a few years ago did a study revealing that 80% of the men that women see/meet online are unattractive to them and only 20% are attractive to them. That is where the 80-20 rule comes from in red pill literature.

Beautiful women in America have never been more empowered to trade their looks for the best deal they can get so why settle for the bottom 80%? People on the low end of the SMV have completely checked out. The 3 and below women (most due to obesity) and the incel young men form a vicious feedback loop - the men see the only women available to them are disgusting and choose to play video games instead, the women see the only men available to them are losers and pick up the ice cream. This is why statistics show young people today having less sex on average - because at the bottom end of the SMV scale most of these people are literally incel, male and female.

But just as in the case of economic stratification, the biggest losers are the middle class. The average to above-average man is hit the hardest. The average to above-average women is hurt as well, as many will waste their best years being pumped and dumped by higher status men on apps such as Tinder, under the delusion that they can lock down a Chad. The top 20% have no need to commit due to abundance.

But as many viewers of this channel know they won't, and will grow bitter by their early 30s when they are forced to "settle" for a merely average guy. These marriages will obviously implode within a few years, as we see happen all the time now with a divorce rate of 50% or higher in western countries.

In western countries it's a really bad situation. Individual men who manage to reach the top of the SMP (top 20%) in one way or another often laud this as the best time to be alive; and it certainly is by that measure if you can reach that summit. But from a societal perspective, this is a total disaster and completely untenable long-term. This sexual market is simply far too stratified.

There are too many losers and too many non-participants. If the average man and the average woman are no longer able to naturally come together then there is something fundamentally broken in society. And the repercussions of that dysfunction will be felt far and wide.

Consider this scenario; the basis of the SMP is as follows and how everything works.

  1. Female want for commitment
  2. Female need for commitment
  3. Male supply of commitment

In the following variables of; want, need and supply for commitment I rank each country with a hypothetical score.


Female want for commitment - 7/10
Female need for commitment - 7/10
Male supply of commitment - 6/10


Female want for commitment - 1/10
Female need for commitment - 3/10
Male supply of commitment - 3/10


Female want for commitment - 10/10
Female need for commitment - 9/10
Male supply of commitment - 3/10

Female need for commitment has obviously been destroyed by the welfare state, women working, the legal system favoring divorce etc. in the west. The need for commitment used to come in around early 20’s, but now it's never needed. Women like certain feelings of romance, protection etc. So, we fall back to want for commitment. Without the need for commitment the women can cycle through multiple guys all providing the wants of romance. When the romance dims, you have a stream of offers, orbiters to crank it back up.

On the other side of that is the guy who you might commit to (because of higher status) having no intention of committing because he knows he can get another notch from another woman.

Another big issue is women are distracted by “shiny objects” and opportunities, which have a higher bar than the chaos of men constantly splurging their attention on them. With someone not looking at the picture on a macro level it makes sense to take these tougher routes like career, as the men are always an easy option for women.

These leaves men with two options; withdraw their attention en masse (unlikely) or proceed to find a wife overseas.

Outside the west women are more serious for commitment due to harder lives which makes marrying an industrious guy a very good option. There is no remorse for bad decisions and choices in places outside the west, therefore women must act decently and must take responsibility for their actions and make wise choices.

Ultimately, a man can’t go wrong with marrying a Filipina, all you have to do is look at Bob and other countless of examples of men finding their wife overseas. There is a reason all of these men are happy. Filipinas are not ashamed to show their femininity and love of their family which includes the husband and are natural caretakers.

The main problem in a place like this is that many of these women cannot find a man who will commit due to the abundance of feminine women in the country thus for the men there is no need to settle down with a woman. It is the polar opposite of the SMP in the west; an inversion. Thus, it is a buyer’s market. Whereas in the west it is a seller’s market where feminine women are in such short supply; they control the SMP.

So, wouldn’t it make sense for men to go to lands where there is an overabundance of feminine women? I think so! Whether it be from the FSU (former Soviet Union), the Philippines, Latin America or elsewhere. The solution is to go to a place where a man like you is valued and cherished and you are her #1!

That is why men should venture to the the Filysium Fields and beyond to find their life partner and to find their Love Beyond the Sea!

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