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What are signs your partner doesn't love you anymore?- DrPHILippines

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What are signs your partner doesn’t love you anymore? The following ones will surely make you feel uneasy about your relationship when you see them. They will signify that your partner doesn’t love you anymore. Another question to ask might be if your partner ever loved you to begin with? Subscribe to Love Beyond The Sea for relationship talk. I have been married for almost five years to a woman from the Philippines that I love very much and I would hate to see these signs that my partner doesn’t love me anymore.

Leave comments here or come over to the Love Beyond The Sea Community Corner message forum and leave a comment in the Relationship Lounge. A link for that will be in the comment section. If this has happened to you, when did you first realize something was wrong?

I must preface this by saying that I am going to use “love” in the question to reference two people are married. Are you okay with that? I think many people confuse love with infatuation or the other just wanting one thing. Do the opposite of my 15 signs to strengthen your relationship.

There are the signs that I thought of, please tell me yours in the comments. I never want any of these signs to be seen by my Love Beyond The Sea.

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