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You have likely heard the remark that age is just a number when it comes to Filipinas and foreigners. It is expressed over and over but is it the way women from the Philippines really feel? We better look at that today, straight from the “horse’s mouth”. Please subscribe to Love Beyond The Sea to learn about managing a lasting marital relationship with a Filipina. You can listen to podcasts on through Casting Beyond The Sea and subscribe through Podbean. Filipinas, I would greatly like to hear from you in the comments section with an answer to this question-when age is more than just a number, why is that so? What do you consider the downside to an age gap-relationship? When do you consider an age gap to be too much? I really am interested in knowing.

Myself, I am considerably older than my Filipina wife and have 26 videos in a playlist I will link called Younger Wife. With 850 videos, you know a certain amount need to be dedicated to this topic and today is no different, but this time, it comes from a survey. I will run through that and link it of course, and afterwards will add a few thoughts. In the link it does include how men feel about an age gap but I am going to focus on the women.

Filipinos are split when it comes to the topic of relationships with an age gap, according to the latest Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey.

According to poll results released on Wednesday, the eve of Valentine’s Day (2019), 50 percent of adult Filipinos say that an age gap matters in a relationship, while 41 percent believe it does not. The remaining 9 percent are undecided on the matter.

The SWS says that “opinions about age gap hardly vary among men and women.”

More older men in the 55-years-and-above bracket believe that an age gap matters — 54 percent compared to 38 percent who said otherwise.

In 18-to-24 bracket, only 45 percent said an age gap matters while 40 percent said it does not matter.

For women, however since that is what we are more concerned about here, more of the younger ones believe that an age gap matters.

In the 18-to-24 bracket, 65 percent said that an age gap matters in a relationship while 33 said it does not.

In the 35-to-44 and in the 45-to-55 brackets combined, 48 percent said an age gap matters while 43 percent believe otherwise.

Among women, net willingness to have a relationship with someone 10 years younger was negative in all age groups, ranging from -12 to -45, with the lowest scores coming from the youngest and oldest age groups,” the SWS said.

Among women, “willingness to have a relationship with someone 10 years older was highest” among those in the 35-to-44 bracket — with 60 percent of them willing while only 21 are not.

So, opinions among Filipinos are split. Very surprisingly women in the 18-24 age bracket which is highly coveted by men from the west, said an age gap did matter (65 percent) and in the next two higher age brackets almost half said it mattered.

Does this mean that the trite slogan that age is just a number to a Filipina is false? Judging by this and using some common sense, I think that is the case. The question is how much does an age gap matter? It matters according to women in the Philippines. We don’t know the reasons as I didn’t see them in the article but I can name a few possibilities.

Health of the man

Longevity of the man



If he is healthy and fit, I think that matters to a younger woman. I believe his sexual health matters to a Filipina. If he is able to live longer with her, that is a factor unless she married him expressly to be his caretaker, and sometimes that is agreed upon in advance. The wider the age gap the less they may be able to relate to each other so guys if you are in an age gap, it helps to have a “young” mindset. Try to go places with her, continue to date her, dress in a way that pleases her and don’t ignore her. Don’t treat her like your daughter, Treat her well and talk to her like a young beautiful woman and dote on her.

I am not the authority on this topic but I think that beyond a 30-year age gap you are taking a chance and there are diminishing returns. I do know of someone with a 50-year age gap (no it isn’t “them”) and that is their business but I believe the caretaker aspect was primary. The younger the husband the better too. If he is 55 and she is 25, that might be better than if he was 65 and she was 35 because he likely has more pep at 55.

Is it possible some Filipinas are saying what they think western men want to hear? Of course it is. She wants to find a man who will help pull her and her family out of poverty and a kind westerner may be her only hope for that. She does this knowing she would most likely prefer a younger man, however, if they aren’t pursuing her, she doesn’t have much of a choice.

She also might prefer an older man as long as he has wisdom to show for it by those years, but mainly it will be about the likelihood he will not leave her and he has some tangible means of support. I want to tell it straight here; that tends to happen when your channel is about the realities of marrying a Filipina, the realities of marrying anyone. I hope you will appreciate that and not shoot the messenger. If you desire a younger wife as I did, be realistic, I can assure you she has “run the numbers so to speak” (no pun intended) and as an older western man, you have likely “run the numbers” too, in your own way.

Age is not just a number to many Filipinas. According to the survey, most of the younger ones say it is. If you want more truth, subscribe and stop by often at
Love Beyond The Sea.

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